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At last, you can find an accessible home in Scotland that 'clicks' with what you want! Home2Fit - Scotland's Accessible Housing Register..

Are you looking for an accessible home?

If you are looking for an accessible home that meets your specific needs then Home2Fit may be able to help. Home2Fit provides a range of services and information to help you in your search and improve your chances of finding the home you need.

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Home2Fit and Social Landlords

If you are a Social Landlord Home2Fit can help you to easily find suitable tenants for your adapted and accessible properties. The system can match the accessible features of your property to the specific housing needs of disabled people.

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Got an accessible property to sell or rent?

Home2Fit is for people looking for an accessible home making it the ideal place to advertise your property and highlight the accessible features to the very people who need them.

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Provide advocacy and support in housing?

Home2Fit allows organisations that provide advocacy and support to people looking for accessible homes to work with the people who have registered with Home2Fit and are looking for a home in the area in which your organisation operates.

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What are your housing options?

There are many decisions to be made when looking for an accessible home. The Home2Fit Housing Options guide provides the information to help make that decision easier.

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What makes a home accessible?

How accessible a home is depends on your specific needs. Find out more about Accessibility Design.

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