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In 2007, GCIL launched Scotland's first on-line Accessible Housing Register in Glasgow. GCIL works closely with Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and national RSLs with accessible properties in Glasgow. Home2Fit - Scotland's Accessible Housing Register has been developed and built on the success of Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living's (GCIL) Glasgow-based Accessible Housing Register.

In Scotland there is a well documented shortage of accessible housing to meet the needs of disabled people. However there is also evidence that accessible and adapted homes are being let to people who do not need them.

Home2Fit provides an easy to use online system to match accessible properties with people who really need them. For the first time detailed information on the accessibility of homes across all tenures is available thus allowing disabled people more informed choices.

Home2Fit - Scotland's Accessible Housing Register is an online system designed to:

  • enable disabled people seeking an accessible home to register and record the features they need.  By registering, Home2Fit records information on housing circumstances;required property size, location and level of accessibility.
  • enable landlords and housing providers to record information on their accessible properties by size, location and adaptations
  • enable social housing providers and private landlords to find a match to allocate accessible housing to disabled people in housing need
  • provide an advertising facility for owner-occupiers to market accessible and adapted housing to potential buyers looking for adapted accommodation; and to
  • provide a comprehensive source of information for disabled people seeking more suitable accommodation

During 2014 'pilots' were established in Aberdeen, Fife and Glasgow.  In addition Horizon Housing Association have agreed to use Home2Fit to allocate their wheelchair accessible propoerties. GCIL acknowledges the engagement and commitment from a number of participants including the Disabled Person's Housing Services, local authorities, housing providers and the private housing sector in the pilot areas.  

Following the piloting phase, Home2Fit will be rolled out in all 32 local authorities areas in Scotland.

Our Aims

  • To provide an easy to use online system which matches disabled people with housing which meets their needs
  • To develop a comprehensive housing information resource covering housing options and accessible design
  • To better coordinate the use of exisitng adapted and accessible housing
  • To provide a consistent national framework for recording adaptations in Scotland

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