Home2Fit helps you to make the most of your investment in adapted and accessible properties by helping to find people who really need them.

Social landlords can benefit from using Home2Fit in the following ways:

  • Instant access to people seeking accessible housing to help reduce lost rents through long void periods
  • Helping you find tenants who really need the specific adaptation that are available in a property minimising your re-instatement costs
  • Helps meet your tenants' changing housing needs by making it easier to find more suitable accommodation when one of your tenants becomes older or disabled
  • Records information on adapted / accessible housing using 'Housing for Varying Needs' standards
  • Complements existing systems

Home2Fit is a valuable resource for planning accessible housing in the social housing sector.

  • Helps development plans meet equality and diversity in communities
  • Provides supply and demand information helping you obtain the funding you need for renovations, new developments and adaptations
  • Enables best use of adapted and accessible housing
  • Ensures best use of investment in adaptations / accessible homes

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