Housing Association

To find out about the availability of suitable housing association properties in your area you can contact your local housing department, contact the housing association directly or join your area's Common Housing Register (see Option 1 above).

There are around 200 housing associations in Scotland, which are also often referred to as 'Registered Social Landlords'. Contact details of all of the housing associations in your area can be found on the Scottish Housing Regulator website, or by searching for housing associations on the internet or in a local directory. Your local authority will usually have details of housing associations on their website (please see the useful contacts section).

As 'Registered Social Landlords', housing associations receive funding to enable them to provide affordable rented housing which is usually, but not always, unfurnished. Housing associations vary in size from comparatively small local associations, with a small number of properties, to large associations with a substantial number of properties throughout Scotland. Some associations offer accommodation to meet specific needs, for example housing for disabled people, older people, or young homeless people.

Nearly all new housing association homes are being built to 'Barrier Free Standards'. This means that they are "visitable" or even useable by someone who uses a wheelchair. It is well worth enquiring with local housing associations about the availability of adapted and accessible housing stock in your area.

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