Getting the Work Done

Your local authority will usually expect you to appoint a professional agent to carry through the adaptation work on your behalf. Your agent can either be an architect or other technical person who will apply for building warrant, obtain building estimates and oversee the building work.

If you already know someone who will do this work for you, invite them to look at the house, discuss your requirements with them and ask for an estimate of the fee charges for the work. If there is a Disabled Persons Housing Service (DPHS) in your area they may also be able to provide this information. A DPHS is a one-stop shop providing a range of people-centred services in housing advice, information and support. Care and Repair would also be able to help you or you could contact the Client Advisory Service of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. Your local authority may also be able to supply details of experienced architects. Details for all these organisations are in the useful contacts section at the end of this guide.

Before deciding on an architect, ask for an estimate of the fee costs in writing. Consider the costs carefully. Remember, if the work does not go ahead for any reason you may still owe a fee for any architectural work that has been done. Start to budget for your own share of the cost after the grant is taken into account. Even if, as happens in many cases, your local authority will make a contribution to costs, this may not cover everything.

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