Other ways to reduce council tax costs

Disabled Band Reduction Scheme

This scheme is intended to make sure disabled people don't pay more Council Tax if they need:

• a bigger property, or

• to adapt their home because of their disability

The property must be the main home of at least 1 disabled person. They can be an adult or a child and don't have to be responsible for paying the Council Tax.

The property must have 1 or more of:

• an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room for the disabled person

• extra space inside the property for using a wheelchair

To apply for a Band reduction, ask at your local authority's office or go to the local authority website.

Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions

People who are severely mentally impaired and some live-in carers are exempt when working out Council Tax. There are other circumstances where discount or exemption can be granted.

Ask at your local council's office, or go to the local authority's website and look for the section on Council Tax. For most local authority's the relevant application forms can be downloaded from their website.

You can find general information about council tax discounts and exemptions online at:



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