What kind of payments can be met by DHP

A DHP can be awarded for the following types of cost:

• Weekly rent costs

A weekly amount of DHP may be awarded to help with the shortfall between your housing benefit (or UC housing costs) and the cost of your rent, if the authority is satisfied that you are struggling to meet your contribution to the rent. This can only be awarded if your full entitlement to HB (or UC housing costs) is less than the amount of your weekly rent amount. The amount of weekly DHP plus HB (or UC housing costs) entitlement cannot be more than your weekly eligible rent (the amount of your housing costs that can be met by HB or UC). In other words the weekly DHP cannot be more than the shortfall between your weekly HB (or UC housing costs) and the weekly eligible rent.

Examples of the type of shortfall that can be met:

- A reduction in housing benefit (or UC) due to income that is more than the amount your household is supposed to need to live on

- A reduction in HB (or UC) due to the bedroom tax or the bedroom cap

- Non dependant deductions

• Deposit, rent in advance or removal expenses

A DHP can be awarded for a rent deposit or rent in advance, or removal expenses, for a property that you have yet to move into if you are already entitled to HB or UC at your present home. The authority may wish to be satisfied that the property is affordable for you, that you have a valid reason to move, and that the cost is reasonable.

The authority may take into account that bear in mind that it may not always be possible foryou to seek the most affordable accommodation, for example, when fleeing your home due to domestic violence and needing a place of safety such as a refuge service.

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