What makes a home accessible?

An accessible home environment promotes independence and may reduce the care and support needs of people moving from less accessible accommodation. People living in accessible housing are more likely to take up education and employment opportunities. It is important that disabled people have fair access to housing for their needs. Home2Fit provides opportunities for disabled people to have fair access to an accessible home; and to ensure that landlords and owners make the best use of accessible homes available for rent and for sale.

Public Realm

Public_RealmAccess to public buildings  for all is a key equality right, the design of the built environment should anticipate, and overcome, restrictions that prevent disabled people making full use of premises and their surroundings.

Fully Wheelchair Accessible

Fully_Wheelchair_AccessibleFully wheelchair accessible (FWA) design standards are needed by people who use a wheelchair for most or all of the time.  Although individuals may use a wheelchair to get around and have this particular feature in common other individual needs will vary considerably.

Barrier Free

Barrier_FreeThe key features of barrier free housing allow people to reach the entrance from a road or parking area and enter the property, move around the dwelling, and access essential rooms including the bathroom and kitchen, operate all fittings, services and controls.

Symbols & Signs

infrared Public buildings should be suitable for all citizens to use.  Communication of information about the building is an essential element of this universal access.