What are your housing options?

For disabled people in need of housing there are a number of options and potential sources of housing to consider including renting, buying or adapting your current home.

Accessible bungalow Finding a Suitable Home

If you are a disabled person in housing need there are a number of potential sources of accommodation for you to consider.

Help with Housing Costs

There are a variety of welfare benefits to help people on low incomes meet their housing costs. The type and amount of help will depend on your individual circumstances and whether you decide to rent or buy.

Adapt2Fit logo Adapt2Fit - Adapting your Home

Your home may not meet your needs if you find it difficult to move around the property or use all the facilities. Disabled people often prefer to remain in their present home rather than to move house and this can often be possible by adapting the house to be more accessible.

Accessible bungalow Challenging Decisions

There could be times in your housing experience when you are not satisfied with a decision or action that affects you. If this happens, learn how to make a proper complaint and you may get that decision changed.

Useful Contacts

If in doubt you should always get advice. Specialist housing law advice can be obtained from the following agencies.

Local Authority Housing Services

Contact details of all housing services within all 32 councils in Scotland. Several of the sites have links to specific information on housing services for disabled people, but not all.