Payments that cannot be met by DHP

The following costs cannot be met by a DHP

• Increases in rent due to outstanding rent arrears. This is where your rent is increased on account of outstanding arrears which are owed by you in respect of your current or former home

• Sanctions or reductions in benefit, such as a reduction in weekly benefit for failing to comply with the Child Support Agency, or a sanction for failing to comply with a condition for receipt of JSA, ESA or IS

• Benefit suspensions: HB or UC can be suspended either because there is a general doubt about entitlement or because you have failed to supply information relevant to your claim. In such cases, a DHP cannot be paid to meet the benefit suspended

• Rent, when you are getting council tax reduction but not HB or help with housing costs in UC

• Shortfalls caused by HB or UC overpayment recovery: when recovery of an HB or UC overpayment is taking place, such shortfalls cannot considered for a DHP.

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