Challenging the bedroom tax in other circumstances

Some people affected by a bedroom tax decision have had that decision overturned after making an appeal to a First-tier Tribunal, even where none of the circumstances for an additional room applies to them. This has been achieved with the help of arguments made on the tenant's behalf by an expert adviser. It is too early to say how common or how rare decisions of this kind will turn out to be. Different tribunals may interpret the bedroom tax rules in different ways, and even Tribunal decisions can sometimes be overturned on a further appeal to the Upper Tribunal (a Tribunal that deals with appeals against First-tier Tribunal decisions).

If you are affected by the bedroom tax and you want to see if the decision can be challenged, you should seek expert advice as soon as possible, from a welfare rights service, a Law Centre, a CAB or other reputable advice agency. Many housing associations have their own in-house welfare rights service.

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