Additional room(s) allowed

There are certain circumstances where a bedroom or bedrooms additional to the above may be included in the room allowance for your housing benefit claim. These are as follows:

• Non-resident overnight carer

- One additional bedroom can be allowed where you or your partner, is disabled and needs someone to provide her/him with overnight care. Only one bedroom can be allowed for this, no matter how many carers are needed

- Foster care

- One additional bedroom is allowed where you are a foster carer and either: (a) you currently have a foster child or young person placed with you; or (b) you have been approved as a foster parent and have a child or young person placed with you within the last 52 weeks

- Armed forces personnel

- A further room may be allowed for any adult son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter who is a member of the armed services and has been deployed on operations and has an intention to return to live with her/his parents

- Disabled child unable to share

- Where two children would be allocated one room under the bedroom allowance rules, but one of the children is unable to share because of their disability, an extra bedroom should be allowed for that child

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