Symbols & Signs

infrared Public buildings should be suitable for all citizens to use.  Communication of information about the building is an essential element of this universal access.

A building should include spaces where announcements can be transmitted through a hearing enhancement system.  Appropriate signs / symbols should be provided to enable people with sensory impairments and learning difficulties to use the building and enjoy its facilities.


World Federation of the Deaf sign to indicate facilities for deaf people.


International symbol for Access, indicating routes and facilities with full accessibility.


Facilities for blind and partially sighted people.

T switch

Microphone sound enhancement for hearing aids fitted with a 'T' switch.


Equipment to enhance microphone sound through an infrared sensor.




Induction loops or infa red systems should be installed. Red flashing warning lights should be fitted. Portable Vibra-alarms should be available in hotel rooms.


Use colour contrast, textured and tactile surface, audible indicators. Avoid obstacles.

Hearing and Visual

Well-lit areas are essential for lip-reading and partial vision.

Floors and Wall Surfaces

Avoid glare from ceilings, walls and floors. Avoid deep pile carpets. Avoid confusing patterns. All floor finishes should be non -slip. Avoid unexpected changes of level. Use lighting, colours and texture to warn of low ceilings and changes in level. Avoid wall projections. Where possible, site radiators in recesses and/or provide covers as protection.

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