Help with Housing Costs

There are a variety of welfare benefits to help people on low incomes meet their housing costs. The type and amount of help will depend on your individual circumstances and whether you decide to rent or buy.

There are a variety of welfare benefits available to help people on low incomes to meet their housing costs. The type and amount of help will depend on individual circumstances and on whether you decide to rent or buy.

How can I get advice on these benefits? If you would like advice about help with housing costs or with any other welfare benefits or tax credits issues credits then there are a number of advice services across Scotland, as follows:

Citizens Advice Bureaus have many local offices. Details can be found on their website: For online self-help advice from advice from Citizens Advice go to:

Law centres - you can find your nearest law centre by contacting the Scottish Association of Law

Centres online at:

Or contact: SALC Secretary, Renfrewshire Law Centre, 65-71 George Street, Paisley PA1 2JY. Tel: 0141 561 7266 / Fax: 0141 561 7164

Other independent advice centres - your local authority may have details of these, or they can be found in local or national telephone directories

Local authority welfare rights services - ask at your local council office, or go to your local authority's website

Housing associations providing welfare rights - many housing associations in Scotland provide welfare rights or other money related advice services. These services may be restricted to tenants of the association, or in some cases may extend to people who pay the association for other services such as factoring. You can contact your local housing association or go to

Local organisations for particular groups of claimants may offer help. For instance, there are unemployed centres, pensioners' groups and centres for people with disabilities

Advice UK has a list of sources of information and advice about benefits at

You can get advice on all benefits and tax credits though the government services and information website (click on Benefits). Details of how to claim online (where possible) can also be found via this website.

Advice from the DWP - The phone book should list contact details for your local DWP office, and if you are disabled, you can obtain free telephone advice from the DWP on benefits.

Tel: 0800 882 200

Minicom: 0800 243 355

This is for general advice and not specific queries on individual claims.

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