East Dunbartonshire Council

East Dunbartonshire social housing operates a Common Housing Register. East Dunbartonshire Housing Register has two levels of partnership. There are Core partners and Associate partners. The core partners are East Dunbartonshire Council, Hillhead Housing Association 2000 and Antonine Housing Association.

There are twelve other Registered Social Landlords who have rented housing within East Dunbartonshire referred as Associate Partners. The CHR combines the waiting lists of a number of landlords into a single list. As long as the applicant agrees, details from the CHR application form will also be forwarded to any of these landlords who have property of a suitable size, type and location and therefore may have property which matches the applicant's housing needs.


Kirkintilloch Housing Office

Tom Johnston House

Civic Way

Kirkintilloch, G66 4TJ

Tel: 0141 578 8000


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