The Bedroom Tax in Social Housing

If both you and your partner are of working age and living in social housing, in certain circumstances the amount of housing benefit can be subject to an "under occupancy deduction", which is also known as "the bedroom tax". The bedroom tax came into effect in April 2013 as part of the DWP's package of benefit cuts made under the Welfare reform Act 2012.

The bedroom tax is a reduction in housing benefit where you have one or more bedrooms than the number that the law says you need. The number of bedrooms you need is worked out according to the people who occupy the house, which includes not only the people you claim housing benefit for, but also other people who may live in the house, for example adult relatives (other than your partner) or lodgers.

If your house has more bedrooms than the number allowed, and you are under pension credit age, then the amount of housing benefit that you can get would be reduced (but see below for who willbe exempt).

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