Fully Wheelchair Accessible

Fully_Wheelchair_AccessibleFully wheelchair accessible (FWA) design standards are needed by people who use a wheelchair for most or all of the time.  Although individuals may use a wheelchair to get around and have this particular feature in common other individual needs will vary considerably.

They may or may not have upper body strength, which affects their reach, their dexterity and their possible need for additional technological aids and/or support. Some people have multiple impairments. Some will have a progressive illness.

A wheelchair user may live alone, or with a carer or partner or be part of a family unit. In family housing it can be an adult or a child that uses a wheelchair or in some instances there will be more than one member of the household who uses a wheelchair.

FWA design encapsulates a home that provides a completely step-free environment, space for a wheelchair to circulate and access all rooms, a kitchen and bathroom that suits the occupant's particular needs and fittings and services that are within reach and easy to use.


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