Kitchen - Kitchen and work surface height guide. (BS 8300 Section 12.1 & HVN Best Practice)

Barrier Free

  1. SOCKETS 150mm above work surface.
  2. ISOLATING SWITCHES controlling sockets on back wall.
  3. CABINET with deep pan drawers.
  4. PULL-OUT BOARD above floor mounted cupboard unit. Circular cut-out optional.
  5. CUPBOARDS 1625mm max. height reachable by ambulant disabled people.
  6. FRIDGE FREEZER. 1150mm max. shelf height to allow reach from wheelchair.
  7. WORK SURFACE 760mm height of work surface specifically for wheelchair users. A work surface should not be more then 600mm deep to allow wheelchair users to reach as far as possible over the work surface in the preparation area and to reach switched socket outlets on the back wall.
  8. KNEE RECESS 700mm minimum clear height for knee recess. Where a knee recess is provided under a hob, its underside should be insulated to avoid harm to a person who has little or no feeling in their legs.
  10. TASK LIGHTING from ceiling and under cabinet.
  11. HOB CONTROLS at front.
  12. CENTRAL HEATING Controls / Fusebox located somewhere with unrestricted access.
  13. LEVER TAP.
  14. CONTROLS FOR AN OVER AND GRILL for wheelchair users should be no higher than 1050mm and no lower than 700mm from the floor, with display panels no higher than 1200mm from the floor.
  15. MICROWAVE OVENS should either be located on a work surface or mounted so that the base of the oven is no higher than 850mm from the floor and its controls no higher than 1150mm from the floor.

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